H.G. Ananda Mohana Das and H.G. Vrndavanesvari Devi Dasi

We as parents, after losing our only child, Nandarani, were intrigued by the manner of her disappearance and were determined to discover the Absolute Truth. We were fortunate to have the association of many sannyasis and devotees of ISKCON and get them to speak about their realizations upon Nandarani’s departure from this material world. This was a great source of spiritual strength to us on our path of forging ahead in Krishna consciousness. Initially, we wanted spiritual encouragement to tide over the situation. However, with each interview, more interesting details surfaced. As we went along, we thought it appropriate to publish a memory book containing a detailed account of Nandarani’s life in Krishna consciousness and the deep and profound realizations of the sannyasis and devotees.

At a certain point, it became obvious to us that the direction of the book was being guided by a higher authority. We must express supreme thanks to Sri Sri Radha-Rasabihari (at ISKCON, Juhu, Mumbai, India), Who guided the direction of the book for the express purpose of glorifying our beloved daughter, Nandarani.

We learn from the scriptures that one may make spiritual advancement simply by glorifying the Vaishnavas. Our major realization was that simply by hearing the glorification of Nandarani we felt completely enlivened, and this has given us the inspiration to move ahead in Krishna consciousness. Therefore, we owe the greatest debt of gratitude to Nandarani, who is inspiring us in devotional service even after she has left the planet.

We trust that our humble attempt to present this memory book, which gives us immense spiritual strength, will give succour to many other souls, especially those who pursue the path of Krishna consciousness.


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