Late (Mr. Haritkant S. Desai )
– passed away on 23rd March 2009


I wish to share with the visitors of this web site that I had met a renowned palmist, Mr. Haritkant S. Desai at ISKCON, Ahmedabad on 7th August, 1998 who has the mystic power of prediction merely by touching the palms of the persons who are highly spiritualistic. However, in other cases he predicts by touching the palms and also seeing the lines therein.

During the course of my interaction with him, he narrated to me about his experience over the years as a palmist and we became good friends.

During my next visit to ISKCON, Ahmedabad, a fortnight later, with Vrndavanesvari and Nandarani, we visited Mr. Haritkant S. Desai(affectionately called by us as Haritkantbhai) and showed Nandarani’s palm to him.

The following were the observations of Haritkantbhai after touching Nandarani’s palm for the first time:

  • Her palm is an exalted spiritual one.
  • She will be like Mirabai, the renowned woman saint of India and will enhance spiritually more than the father and mother.
  • She is directly under the control of the Lord.
  • She will pray to the Lord to give her further birth so that she can serve Him birth after birth.
  • Her parents should not overly worry about her upbringing, be it studies or spiritual advancement since she is living her life directly under the control of the Lord. She should be permitted to grow naturally and there should only be general supervision by her parents.
  • She will always be the charm of everybody.
  • She will not marry and therefore it is recommended that her parents don’t force her into marriage.
  • She has a high memory power.
  • She is and independent child and will have a lot of confidence in herself.
  • She is outspoken and will call a spade a spade.

Haritkantbhai also saw Nandarani’s palm on his own on subsequent occasions whenever he used to come to our house to honour Krsna prasadam and upon touching her palm, his observations were as under:

  • She is highly spiritualistic and a great soul – as if Mirabai has taken second birth.
  • Her progress in spiritual life is like post graduation right from birth.
  • She is a protective force who will help the family spiritually and materially.
  • She may be highly playful but she is deeply spiritual.
  • I find that there have been lot of changes in her palm. She has made a lot of spiritual advancement and has grown very high spiritually, which may not be visible externally. She has a direct link with God.
  • You should take her every year to Vrindavana.
  • It is a rare spiritual palm.
  • Both husband and wife are fortunate to have a daughter like her.

Subsequent to Nandarani’s leaving the body, the following conversation transpired between Haritkantbhai and us at our residence :

Q 1. Haritkantbhai, after seeing Nandarani’s palm for the first time in August, 1998 followed by your seeing her palm on subsequent occasions, did you not receive any signals about the impending manner in which she would leave the body? The reason why we are asking you this question is because you have narrated to us so many instances in your experience over the years where you have predicted about imminent dangers.

A. Firstly, the way Nandarani left her body cannot be construed as danger. She has not died. In other words, she has not left her body in the term in which people understand from the worldly point of view. She is omnipresent. She is everywhere. I am seeing her here. Hence she has not gone. I hope, that will clarify the position.

Q 2. What are your realizations now after having come to know about the manner in which she left the body?

A. Nandarani was an extraordinary child. I remember, when I first touched her palm in August, 1998, I had predicted that she will be like Mirabai and will enhance spiritually more than the father and mother. Further, I had predicted that she would be directly under the control of the Lord. I would have seen numerous palms around the world in the last fifty years, but I have never seen a palm like this. My intuitive power says Lord Krishna personally came, lifted her and took her away. What we see externally is only an illusion. The reality is different. The wordly people may say that if she was so close to Krishna why did she leave the body in this way? By material standards, Lord Krishna left the planet when He was struck by an arrow. The arrow was only an instrument for Him to end His pastimes on this planet. Similarly, even in the case of Nandarani, the security guard was only an instrument for her to leave the body.

Normally, when one loses their child it is a case of grief. However, in this case I would say it is an occasion to rejoice. She has directly gone to Krishna. Now she is giving power, ideas and guidance to both of you and will make you pure devotees. She never had anything to do to attain this exalted position because she had the power from her previous life. She had already graduated in spiritualism from birth. Otherwise, it is impossible for a thirteen year old child to attain so much spiritualism in one lifetime. There is no comparison to her palm.

Nandarani was of a young age but she was a great soul. Even a great soul like Sankaracarya left his body at a young age of thirty-two. Nandarani saw Krishna. Even big rsis and munis don’t get this opportunity to see Krishna even after nearly thousands of years of tapasya. Few like Prahlada, Dhruva etc. could see Krishna. I say that Nandarani was a very fortunate girl. How lucky are the parents and grandmothers who have had association of such a great soul like Nandarani in their house- just like how Krishna’s parents were lucky when He took birth in their family. In my opinion, if there was imminent danger, I would have predicted when I first touched her palm. Nandarani came to perform some duties and after that was completed, Krishna took her away. The time had come for to leave. She has become very close to Krishna now. Those who are very dear to Krishna are taken away at such an early age. Hence, both of you should continue to stay in your house from where such a great soul has departed. In my opinion, this house is a temple. Even if anyone offers you a great fortune, you should not dispose of that house. Even I get power when I come to your house and sit in that room. My power of intuition increases and I feel exalted. Whenever I come to Mumbai, I will come to that room. According to me, I come to that room to take darsana. You should always stay in that room. You will have absolute clarity of mind and will get new ideas.

Q 3. You said Nandarani has not died in the real sense of the word. Then how is death different for her as compared to the worldly people and how to convince them?

A. We cannot convince wordly people who are bereft of spiritualism. Why should you endeavour to convince such people with a low level of spiritual understanding? What appears as death from the worldly point of view is not the reality. It is only an illusion.

Q 4. Presently, whatever feelings you have about her exalted position, was it the same whenever you used to see her palm when she was alive?

A. One thing I want to reiterate that when I first saw her palm in Ahmedabad, I immediately recalled Mirabai. Now you are aware of Mirabai’s history. She was totally devoted to Krishna from her childhood. She used to think she was married to Lord Krishna and nobody understood her. Hence, Nandarani’s passing away is not to be lamented at all. You should never feel guilty that if any one of you would have been there, probably she would have been saved. Nothing like that. You should never feel like that. You should never have such negative thinking, since Lord Krishna has come and taken her away. This house is so purified and therefore I repeat, you should never think of disposing this house. No doubt, money is required by everyone. Nevertheless, you should never dispose of this house. It is not a house now. It is a temple. One thing more, I will repeat- whenever I will come to Mumbai, I will visit this place. For me also, it is like a temple, because I am getting direct waves.

You should consider yourselves as the most fortunate parents in the world to have had a child like Nandarani as your daughter.

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